Holy Quarter, solo exhibition Monira al Qadiri, Haus Der Kunst, Munich

Holy Quarter, solo exhibition, Haus Der Kunst, Munich – very proud to be able to participate in this exhibition. With great pleasure I was able to realize a great project for Monira al Qadiri and Das Haus der Kunst in Munich. The glass stones of 100 cm and more were quite a challenge but the result is beautiful! https://hausderkunst.de/ausstellungen/kapsel-12-monira-al-qadiri
Monira Al Qadiri (b. 1983) is a Kuwaiti visual artist born in Senegal and educated in Japan. In 2010, she received a Ph.D. in inter-media art from Tokyo University of the Arts, where the research was focused on the aesthetics of sadness in the Middle-East mood from poetry, music, art and religious practices. Her work explores unconventional gender identities, petro-cultures and their possible futures, as well as the legacies of corruption. She is currently based in Berlin. http://www.moniraalqadiri.com/

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