Fusing glass | Cat

Discover the enchanting world of Fusion Glass Art Objects!
Our Fusion Glass Art Objects are unique masterpieces that bring beauty and creativity to your customers’ outdoor space. Each glass art object is handcrafted by talented artists and exudes a dazzling and artistic look.
Why choose Fusion Glass Art Objects:
Artistic Splendor: Each piece is a unique work of art, with vibrant colors and breathtaking designs that spark the imagination.
Durable quality: Made of high-quality glass that is resistant to weathering, making the art objects last for a long time and retain their beauty.
An eye-catcher: Our Fusion Glass Art Objects are guaranteed to be a striking addition to any garden or outdoor space, enabling customers to transform their outdoor space into a magical and elegant environment.
Add a touch of artistry and beauty to your range with our Fusion Glass Art Objects. Contact us today to offer these enchanting products to your customers!
Length: Approx. 26cm
Width: Approx. 8cm
Height: Approx. 20cm
Size Small
Length: Approx. 16cm
Width: Approx. 6cm
Height: Approx. 18cm
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